CardsPlayers | 4-8


  • 1 deck of cards – 8s, 9s and 10s removed

The Object

Have the highest scoring hand

Ante Up

Dealer puts an ante into the center of the table, all the players match the ante, then the dealer deals four cards to each player, two at a time


  1. Any player with a Winning Hand (see below) can immediately call for a showdown – and the best hand takes the pot.
  2. If no one has a winning hand, each player can discard any number of cards and be dealt replacements.
  3. Starting with the player to the dealers left, each player can do one of 3 things:
    • Bid – in order to bid, the previous bet must be staked (matched) before the new bid can be announced. Each bid must include a points total, the type of hand, and the amount being bid. Any bid must be higher than the one bid by the previous bidder
    • Stake – match the bid currently on the table.
    • Pass – If a player passes, they must discard one or two cards and draw replacements. You cannot fold like you can in modern poker.
  4. Play continues until a winning had occurs. If a tie happens, the hand with the highest score wins.

Winning Hands

  • Highest Value
    • Chorus – Four of a kind
    • Flush – Four cards in the same suit
    • Fifty-Five – An Ace, Six and Seven of the same suit, and one other card
    • Primero – One card of each suit
  • Lowest Value


  • Aces | 16pts
  • Court Cards | 10pts
  • 7 | 21pts
  • 6 | 18pts
  • 5 | 15pts
  • 4 | 14pts
  • 3 | 13pts
  • 2 | 12pts
Icon of Primero Primero (137.8 KiB)