Orders & Awards

The Society For Creative Anachronism has many facets of activities.  Many different awards are given to show appreciation for a members participation, service, and prowess in a given activity.  Something to keep in mind is that most awards are given at the discretion of the Crown and the landed Baron’s & Baronesses, but they rely on the word fame provided by other citizens.  This is a service that is relied upon, and some would say a responsibility of everyone, so that deserving persons are recognized in a timely manner.  Please take a moment to head to the Recognition page to recognize a worthy member of our Barony.

Below is a list of links to Orders & Awards given in the Barony of Three Mountains.  You can click any of these links to see a roster of the recipients of the award or members of the order.  If you find that you are missing from a list, please contact the Webminister.


The Amber Leaf * The Crystal Rainbow * The Mountain Sun * Three Mountains * Heart of Three Mountains * Ordo Aegis Honoris


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