Champions are not chosen.  They distinguish themselves in a field of competitors all vying for the title within the Barony.  Being a Champion comes with certain privileges and some responsibilities, which can be found enumerated in our Baronial Customary (under the Documents link in the menu).  Their tenure typically lasts a year, or until the next scheduled Champion tournament for their craft.  If you would like to find out how to compete in the Three Mountains Champion tournaments, you can speak to one of the current Champions below, or contact the Coronet at

Baronial Armored Champion: Cedric Helmbreaker

Baronial Rapier Champion: Talbot of Three Mountains

Baronial Archery Champion: A’nrothan O’Murchadha

Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion: Ciarnat ingen Ru’adha’in

Baronial Youth Champion: Arturus von Wulfen

Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion: Mathias von Schwarzenberg

Our current schedule for our Championship Tournaments are as follows:

  • Heavy Combat & Rapier Champion Tournaments *Date Coming Soon*
  • Arts &Sciences Champion Tournament will be held at Honor Feast, *Date is Coming Soon*
  • Archery & Thrown Weapon Champions Tournament *Date Coming Soon*
  • Youth Champion Tournament will be held over the course of multiple events towards the end of Summer/beginning of Fall.  The idea is to get our youth involved in many different aspects of service, arts & sciences, and martial activities.  We have found that this helps them find their best skills and joys within our group.  If you have a youth between ages 9-17 who may be interested in competing, please contact the Coronet at, so that we can start making the plans.