Kingdom Seneschal & Exchequers Symposium 2016 Report – January 2017

Council report for KSES

Kingdom Seneschals and Exchequers Symposium was held in November at Camp namanu. Many thanks to Ælfwynn et al (Matthias, Constance and Erika) for running the food, Selene and Gwenliana for handling gate, Kattera for being my supervising autocrat, William Terrell for helping count out gate, and TEs Sebastian and Erika for helping as we needed. Bonus thanks to Ciara Sayer and HE Finn Grim for helping out /and/ taking classes.

Attendance 59, paid 51, 8 comp, 0 NMR

We made $4,335 in Gate receipts,
We spent $3,441.46 in expenses
Profit! Of $893.54

We need more signs, as the three in the storage unit were not enough to handle directions both to and inside the site.

I would love to use this site again, and will certainly run another event in the barony.
In service,

Marya Kargashina