Council Meeting Minutes – September 2017

Baronial Council Sept 19, 2017

Letter from Coronet
3 newcomers welcomed
Officer Reports:
Seneschal – read from phone
S Kaldorness – rfp
Family Activities – read from printed report – on 3M FB page
Exchequer- read from printed report
Additional: last check on old account has cleared, will get the old account closed and remaining funds transferred.
Knight Marshall- several newcomers have shown up at practice, practice continues with no injuries, no injuries reported at Sport of Kings, thank you to Mistress Althaia for being MiC at Sport of Kings so I (Olin) could fight in the tournament.
Rapier Marshall – rfp – on 3M FB page
Archery Marshall- read – on 3M FB page
Thrown Weapons Marshall – rfp
Darts may be happening soon
Kaldorness Marshall – rfp
A&S minister – rfp – championship info on 3M FB page
Kaldorness A&S – rfp
Herald – read
Additional: Thank you to HE Ana, Dexter Gauntlet Deputy for getting the OP undated so fast.
Awards from Sport of Kings:Angelika Crystal Rainbow, Vivien Aegis Honoris, Olin & Talbot Order of 3 Mountains, Felix Golden Torc.
Chatelaine – new keys to Odd Fellows, they are not renting to non-members anymore except us. Several newcomer contacts came to Social last month. Sept class moved to October.
Chronicler – rfp
Historian – read- on 3M FB page, please search for photos of our earliest citizens, especially Coronets
Web Minister –rfp

Scribe – read – on 3M FB page
Additional: Alexandria asked for help with Talia’s Honor Feast scroll like object – a deck of period playing cards.
Tri-Bat is closed – only expense were the Champions prizes – all awarded at other events
Kaldorness A&S weekend – not wrapped up yet – will close next month
Sport of Kings – rfp / Exchequer reports 503 thru gate, $430 NMR to kingdom, profit is $7455/ closed
KHSS – good site for this type of event, garages were very useful for having outdoor classes on asphalt (messy & noisy) 78 thru gate, no damages, they will be happy to have us again/ Exchequer reports profit $401.78/closed
Honor Feast – rfp – on 3M FB page
12th Night – all good
3mOrders –rfp – on 3M FB page
Tri Baronial Yule- HE Ana of Dragon’s Mist – Dec 16th St Helens Armory cost is $2665 with no site fee – donations gladly accepted, $900 per branch. Branches to provide meat & bread, potluck sides, encourage car pooling; they will need volunteers to run activities. $900 ABC
Baroness Erika – request for $100 to Sheridan (Sherri McCormick) for supplies for making award necklaces ABC
Kateline – request Baron Sebastiaen (David Hemmer) be reimbursed $30 for unexpected expense for new banners ABC
Girard (Clinton)–working on demo at PSU, suggests we set up at maker spacers to recruit new members
Matthias (Bud) New Con demo –Jan 5-7, 2018 – they want us back and will supply more passes at no cost – we will have more space, needs volunteers, fighters, rapier, A&S
Roana (Mary-Ann) – Brewing for War – on 3M FB page
show casing all things brewed at AWW – also would like games & people to run them, tavern theme. Vivien reminds all that 3m has a big game box with lots of period games we could lend for the event
HE Ana – AnTir events deputy – announces that Kingdom A&S will be in Ocean Shores – watch for details to be posted
Next meeting 10-17-17/ pay your bill/ tip your server

ask me if questions