Recommend Someone For An Award

An Award
Awards are given to many of our citizens.

It’s important to remember that we are a volunteer organization.

Awards are given at the Kingdom level, at the Principality level (if you live within a Principality), and at the Baronial level.  The An Tir Heralds Award’s page has brief information on the awards currently available, though the An Tir Handbook (2016 edition in PDF) is an excellent resource for finding out more about the awards given by our Kingdom in addition to the other details of our Society and Kingdom culture.  For Three Mountains, take a look at a list of Baronial Awards and think about those around you who are active and should be recognized.

If you would like to recommend someone for an award, a good article to read is “Writing and Award Recommendation” written by Duchess Lao Khatun of An Tir and found originally in the 3rd Edition of the An Tir Handbook.

So many things have to be done right and in the right order to make our events happen as good as they do. Sometimes, it isn’t events, it’s the business of our realm – the Kingdom and the Barony. It is not limited to being an officer or staff of an event. It can be helping someone pack their gear to make their night a little easier getting in. It can be spending time to teach people your knowledge of a skill set. It can even be helping to clean up garbage cans that get a little out of control, so that everyone can have a good time. It can be any of theses reasons, and many more to think of. If someone is doing something to make our Society work that much better, be that much kinder, or being an example of chivalry, grace, and courtesy…

Then recommend that person for an award!

(click here for a list of Baronial Awards)

If the award is for a Kingdom award (check out the An Tir Handbook in Chapter 7 to get descriptions of Kingdom Level Awards), you can still email the Baron & Baroness or you can contact the crown by filling out this form.