3M Orders and Customary Meeting

Greetings to Their Excellencies and members of the council.

I am sorry I could not be with you this evening but family matters take precedence.

Sir Einar and Lord Ora will be grilling up some pork and chicken goodness to fill our bellies as we go through the customary. With this, we are having a potluck for lunch at this meeting!

While the barony is providing the protein we ask all bring a side dish or maybe a dessert. NO breads please. Please bring something to share for 8-10 people so there is enough to go around and a 3×5 card with the ingredients listed.

Remember the customary is for ALL members of the barony and you only get a voice as to what happens if you show up!

Also, please do not forgot to put in your recommendations even if you are not a member of an order. All voices are heard but only if you write in.

Yours in service,

Beak Bell of Dumfries, AOA, OGDS, OJL
apprentice to Randal Fitz Alan the Redowtable
courtier to Baron Sebastiaen des Roseaux
Barony of Three Mountains