Youth & Family Activities Report – September 017

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The camping season is pretty well ended, so now the round of feasting begins. I’ll be sending out a few emails myself over the next couple weeks to bring everyone up to speed.

Do let me know if you need anything!

HL Alizand Thorgeirsson née LeFevre

Kingdom Family Activities Coordinator-An Tir


Good day to populace, Coronets and officers:

Family Activities: Barony: At Sport of Kings, we had 3 classes for drop in kids activities, as well as a nice handful of under 12s (11 of them by my count) playing together and enjoying the site. I am recommending that the Event Stewards of future SOKs consider drop in activities for kids as there were more of them than expected hanging out near the food and looking for things to do. Possibly offering YAC classes would be a nice tie in. Thank you to Beak Bell of Dumphries, Gilbert, and Appoline for helping spearhead the drop in activities. There was also room for the 8-12 year olds to do serving and water bearing during the tournament, under the eye of Beak and Lisette. Thank you to all who helped facilitate that.

Honor Feast is fast approaching and I need commitments from folks to teach classes for youth and families. We are hoping for a couple of classes of the make and take variety, but also classes on how to serve at a feast, singing, rounds, and maybe even a basic drumming class. Classes should be very basic, and of 1 hour ish in length. Any YAFA mentors who would like to teach, this would be a great time to talk to me.

YAFA: (Kingdom Youth and Families Activities) We have 2 of the 3M kids in the system so far confirmed and one of them has completed activities to earn tokens!!!! I am having issues accessing the admin site for YAFA but we are working on that and should soon be able to roll out the local mentoring and family sign ups for all. Expect an email and facebook update in the next couple of weeks.

If you want to see family activities happen, you have to reach out. We have folks in all of the local branches so volunteer to help and get involved. We would love more pirates on this here ship, so pull up your anchor and sail this way!

Alexandria DK (Alex McCoy on facebook)
Family Activities Herder…