Youth & Family Activities Report – November 2017

No activities happened this month.
i am looking for someone to replace me by April as I find that I am not having the time to devote to this office these days.  It is mostly a reporting job currently but if someone has the vision, the office has much to recommend it.  Big things for this position are you are also the Branch YAFA coordinator too and that part is a pilot program and still  has a few challenges on getting the program running.  We don’t seem to have a lot of parents with young kids with the interest in doing family activities in the barony currently so part of the job going forward might be recruiting those families that are not playing but might if they kids had structured activities.
In any case, I have to step down by April so a deputy would be good right away to train.  I have put out feelers but have had no response yet.  Pass the word along.  Probably 6 hours of work per month at most.
Alexandria DK