Youth & Family Activities Report – November 2016

Good Evening Your Excellencies and Officers and Populace of 3M:

Theme of the 3M Family activities office is COME PLAY! Volunteerism, learning new skills, games, errand running, teaching, singing, making things, doing things, exploring, and inventing things are for all SCA folks young and old alike and it is time we invited EVERYONE to COME PLAY!


3M Yule offered great chances to come play for young and old alike. The event stweard and team carved out an entire room off the feast hall for the purpose of conforrt and fun for the younger set.

  • Throughout the day there were indoor games in the Family Activities Room organized by a great team of volunteers and run by Hannah for the entertainment and edification of those wanting to play. There were dreidels, viking games, mancala, etc.
  • Ornament making to deck our tree in heraldry was done by 3 folks and in general trimming of the the tree was done by many willing hands led by the younger set as well.  Papa Noel and his lovely wife graced us with an appearance and handed out gifts to the under 12 set. Thank you to them for stopping by on their way to getting things ready for the holiday up North! We had wonderful gifts from Papa Noel that were organized and created by our Family Activities deputies Misty Pearson -Lylie and Kettera!  The gifts, in case that you did not get a chance to see them, included wooden period games, treats, and a wool viking style cloak with cloak pins for each child. Kudos to the Papa Noel and gifting team for amazing creativity and efforts!
  • Outside there were thrown weapons for young and older (thank you to our wonderful Thrown Weapons Champion for making and running this fun activity!!!!)
  • And for the under 12, outside was a dog racing activity run and designed by Hanna
  • And also a Youth Championship was held.

I was gifted some token necklaces to use this summer for family activities by the Acrery Community as well.

Over all a fantastic start to keeping our activities open to young and old alike!

If you have concerns, suggestions, or fabulous plans for upcoming activities involving the kidlings and families of the Baronies, drop me a line so I can include it in reports, help you build excitement and come play!

In service to PLAY!

Alexandria DK (Alex McCoy on Facebook)