Youth & Family Activities Report – February 2017

Greetings to the Coronets, Council, Officers and ​Populace of Three Mountains:

But to be fair, our families have been busy…making snow people, sledding, getting days off of school, watching the rivers rise, playing in the rain, and generally marveling in a wet winter in the Pacific Northwest.  3M has had no SCA events from Jan to today and so I have nothing to report as to activities  for the month.

Our neighbors, Stromgard have an event this month, Founding Revel, where the feasting season continues and family friendly is the rule of the land.  I will help out where needed and steal fabulous ideas!

Please be thinking of what fun activities you would like to see for Sport of Kings, Honor Feast, and Yule this year by way of Family friendly activities…And drop me a line about your thoughts.

Alexandria DK
Family Fun Dictator (ha!)