Youth & Family Activities Report – August 2017

Three Mountains Family Activities Report: August 2017 Update

Learned much at Stormgods about the Kingdom roll out of YAFA (kind of scouting for the SCA but with lovely medals) and helped out at the Family Activities Tent all day Saturday (Boffers, soap carving, helping with other classes, and even taking one or two)

Will have hand outs and info available for Parents at SOK this weekend for YAFA Level 1 items for kids (can be done with their own family) as well as hosting the YAFA roadshow from Kingdom so we can get some mentors in the martial arts to come play! If you are a fighter, archer, etc, contact me if you are interested in helping the next generation of SCA along the path to finding their passion!

All goes well to have YAFA activities at Honor Feast in November as well.

Keep the ideas coming…

Alex DK , Family Activities Wrangler, Barony of Three Mountains