Webminister Report – July 2016

Greetings to their Excellencies, Officers and most importantly Citizens of our Great Barony,

Having taken over the duties of the Webminister for Three Mountains with the approval of the Council last month, I almost completely forgot to provide a report.

Here is a breakdown of the top page views in the last month:
• “Welcome to the Barony” – 341 views
• “Archery Academy VII – Flights of Fancy” – 105 views
• “Archery Academy VII – Class List” – 84 views
• “New Comers” – 76 views
• “Local Events” – 59 views
• “Regular Meetings” – 57 views
• “Officers” – 44 views

Currently our best daily count of views of pages is 110 views in a day. On June 25th, 2016 it appeared that we nearly topped that daily record with 102 page views. This coincides with the Archery Academy preliminary class list being published on the website which gave a Saturday to Monday count of 252 views (an average of 84 per day, as opposed to our standard average of 30 views a day).

One of the projects I will be looking into will be to update certain aspects of the site to comply with Board of Directors requirements and Kingdom Laws. There subtle things, but it will keep us out of trouble at the higher levels.

I would like to help keep the site up to date and interesting in the future by adding more content on a regular basis. This can help drive people to the site by making it relevant to everyone’s needs. Yes we have Facebook, but we also need to keep our online identity as a Barony, considering that online social media seems to be a game of shifting sands. To this end, I want to invite all event stewards to work with me on getting information on the webpage about the event, and the people involved in it (classes being taught, tournament formats, prizes being made for the event are some examples). Having one or two articles written a month will keep something new and fresh for people to see, and keep existing newcomers checking back in every so often, as well as holding the attention of the people just finding us for the first time.
If you have any ideas for articles, or want to write a short recap of a recent event you attended, get in touch with me and I will be happy to give the requirements for such a contribution.

There being nothing else to report, I thank the Council for allowing me to be of service in this aspect of our Barony.

Yours In Service to The Dream

Baron of Three Mountains,
Webminister, Three Mountains