Thrown Weapons Report – June 2016

Greetings unto Their Excellencies and the populace.

We continue to hold regular practices at the home of Marguerite and Ase on Thursday evenings. Practice begins around 5 PM and ends when all are tired or it gets dark.

We currently have 5 throwers who have established an An Tir average (three or more recorded scores), as well as 2 other throwers who have one or two scores. One thrower has TWIC scores in Knife and Axe.

Atl Atl practice is at Chinook Landing on Wednesday (along with the Baronial Archery practice). 4 throwers have established averages. At practice many non-SCA archers have tried the Atl Atl and had great fun. It is a fantastic way to introduce moderns to Thrown Weapons/Archery.

Other Activities:
• provided TW stands & rounds for Saturday throwing in Terra Pomeria at Bar Gemels.
• Demo’ed the Atl Atl at Hawksguard at the Cherry Blossom Demo in The Dalles
• Taught TW at Grand Thing
• Preparing TW for Archery Academy

Yours in Service,
Robert of Wolf Fork