Thrown Weapons Report – July 2016

Greetings unto Their Excellencies, our great Council and the populace.

We continue to hold regular practices at the home of Marguerite and Ase on Thursday evenings.
Practice begins around 5 PM and ends when all are tired or it gets dark.

We currently have 6 throwers who have established an An Tir average (three or more recorded scores).
Two are ranked as Ludicrous, three are Master and one is Accomplished. One thrower has TWIC
scores in Knife and Axe with both leading in the Society and a second thrower with an Axe score that
is second in the Society.

Atl Atl practice is at Chinook Landing on Wednesday (along with the Baronial Archery practice).
Participation has been light. 4 throwers have established averages.

Kingdom report for the second quarter is due August 1. A copy will be provided to the Senechal.

Yours in Service,
Robert of Wolf Fork