Thrown Weapons Report – February 2017

Greetings unto Their Excellencies, our great Council and the populace.

Atl Atl practice continues at Trackers Earth on Wednesday (along with the Baronial Archery practice).

Thrown Weapons practice will resume when the weather allows outdoor practices again. Sadly, we no longer have an indoor range for the Winter and Spring seasons.

Medallions, for the 2016 season, for the Top Ten throwers in Thrown Weapons and the Top Ten throwers in Atl Atl are being delivered to Their Excellencies this evening to be handed out in the future.

For Thrown Weapons:
2nd place Gawin Kevelioc
5th place Robert of Wolf Fork

For Atl Atl
1st Place Gawin of Kevelioc
2nd Place Robert of Wolf fork
4th Place Henri Fleche’
8th Place Carith de Cuevas
10th Place Horace McFarland

Well done all!

Yours in Service,
Master Robert of Wolf Fork