Three Mountains Yule Feast Report – March 2017

Three Mountains 2016 Yule Feast Report – March Council Report

We had 8 children 2 youth and 81 adults for a total of 91 attendees
Full Damage Deposit was returned.
The Silent Auction earned roughly 1/2 of our site rental.
All the children and youth received period gifts which were donated by various Barony members and coordinated by Misty Pearson-Donation from Misty, Marya, Kattera, Josh and a newcomer George who made a Kubb set – they got serious swag.
The Decor was beautiful and supplied by An Tir decor/ Guildor Farms and coordinated by Dea.
The Gate was handled by Spritzie.
Childrens Activities and Games by Hannah- so loved the dog races.
Childrens Championship was by Lyssa and Mist Pearson.
Brewers comp by Baron Sable.
Larges and A&S Comps by Baroness Erica.
Feast prepared by Alefwynn and crew.
We were able to reduce our costs by very very careful shopping, a benefit of food re-purposing from the Exchequers and Seneschal’s event and by various donations of prizes and children’s gifts. Therefore it should be noted that the proposed budget is the more realistic for future considerations- ie we got very lucky and have a very generous populous who supported us for which we are deeply thankful. Sincere thanks


HL Kattera Giese

Final numbers were:

$778 in reciepts
Food: $107.28
$224 in Gate Donations
insurance $ 50
$554 from Silent Auction
Decor $ 90
Site Rental $ 800.00
Gains $778 Costs $1047.28 Difference of – $269.28

Proposed Budget:Proposal for Barony of Three Mountains Yule 2016

Facility Rental 800$
Facility Deposit (Refundable 500$)
Insurance 50$
Tree 50$
Feast 600$
Children’s Gifts 100$
Printing and Prizes 100$

Total : 2200$ with 500 refundable for a total 1700