Seneschale Report – March 2017

o_seneshYay! It is now officially Spring! Are you ready for tourney Season?

  • Customary revisions for the rental agreement and fees are complete and will be published to our website in the next few days.
  • Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships was an exciting time for Three Mountains! Three Mountains is home to 3 of the 4 finalists! Congratulations to Marya for qualifying TWICE as an An Tir Scholar as well as being a finalist. Congratulations to Aelfgifu for qualifying with ALL THREE of her entries as an An Tir Scholar, being awarded the premier of the Sable Bonnet and becoming An Tir’s Arts & Sciences Champion! Congratulations to Conchobhar for winning Bardic Champion, even while being quite ill. Congratulations all and thanks for representing the Barony! I also wish to thank everyone who competed for representing the barony in such a positive light!
  • My warrant as seneschale ends at the end of April’s Council meeting. That is next month. The barony needs to have a replacement step up tonight. Three Mountains will be in abeyance without a seneschal at the helm at the end of next council meeting. That has drastic impacts on the group as a whole including the loss of our Baron and Baroness. Please contact me.

Thank you,

Selene Trioros, OP
Seneschale Three Mountains