Seneschal Report – September 2017

Greetings to their Excellences and the populace of Three Mountains.

I hope that this message finds you well. Just a couple things:

1. A quick reminder about other events that we have coming up:
a) Three Mountains Fall Orders and Customary review.

b) Onora Festa 11/11/2017

c) Tri Baronial Yule- Some members in Dragon’s Mist have
stepped up to run the 2017 Tri-Baronial Yule feast this
December. They have asked for financial support from the
other baronies. A representative is expected to be at the
September Council Meeting.

2. I was speaking with Alan the Younger at SOK and the subject of maker spaces came up. We discussed the possibility of going to area maker spaces with cool medieval projects to generate interest in our group among the local maker community. I will be pursuing this option for recruitment with the chatelaine when she gets back into town.

3. Don’t forget that our customary meeting is coming up on October 8th at the Odd Fellows Hall. Make sure to take a peak and look for things in the customary that need to be addressed. If they are noted ahead of time. Remember if you don’t come to the customary meeting, you don’t get to complain about the customary. =P

Thank you for your kind attention,

Lord Gerard de Bayonne


Barony of Three Mountains