Seneschal Report – May, 2016

• First off, Welcome to AS 51!

• I would like to thank everyone who came out to the baronial storage unit to help clean, organize and inventory! A special thank you to Kattera who masterfully organized it and directed all the returning to storage so that it looks GREAT! Also a huge thank you to Sterling, Olin and Sebastiaen who put together a much more robust pole rack for the unit!

• I am still trying to compile the inventory for the storage unit and get into a useable form that can be used for checking out/in items for events. I would be very open to someone taking on this task in my stead, however….

• Later tonight I will be talking about selling some of the baronial holdings that are never used, and obtaining the list of items that are needing to be replaced from the inventory.

• I was happy to see so many of the populace of Three Mountains at Faire in the Grove this past weekend. Special thanks to Felix for being the MC for the preceding Saturday’s demo and advertising event at the Saturday Market! Congratulations also to Tullia for being named as the best demo at Faire in the Grove! Thank you for spreading the word fame of our barony!

• 1st quarter 2016 Kingdom reports (covering January – March 2016) were due on May 1st. PLEASE get them in if you haven’t done so already as they are very late. Please be sure to copy the Coronet and myself on those reports as well.

• Last, but certainly not least, the Large baronial achievement has gone walkabout. I last recall it hung at the front of the Yule feasting area, but I have yet to find out where it went from there. Please contact me if you have any information on where this beautiful piece of our history and regalia is being stored.

Thank you,

HL Selene Trioros
Seneschale – Three Mountains
Kuria via Domina Attia Prima
Courtier to Sebastian des Roseaux, Baron Three Mountains