Seneschal Report – June 2016

  • The inventory for the storage unit is being worked on by Carina. THANK YOU!!!!!
  • I have drawn up a basic rental agreement and a schedule of fees for the upkeep of our property and to help defer the costs of storage. (See attached pages below this post) I would like to publish these as addendums and changes to our Customary. Discussion will be open on this subject during the July and August Councils, with a final brief discussion and vote happening at the September council. Please feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions or comments at
  • I have not yet contacted the seneschals of DM and SG about possibly purchasing the Costco garages/boxes from us. I will do that this coming month.
  • 1st quarter 2016 Kingdom reports (covering January – March 2016) were due on May 1st. PLEASE get them in if you haven’t done so already as they are VERY late. Please be sure to copy the Coronet and myself on those reports as well.
  • The baronial achievement has been located, it is safe and sound and will be returned to the storage unit in the next week.
  • On a personal note, if you hadn’t already heard, Their Majesties have placed me on vigil to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican during their last court at July Coronation.

Thank you,

HL Selene Trioros
Seneschale – Three Mountains
Kuria via Domina Attia Prima
Courtier to Sebastian de Roseaux, Baron Three Mountains

Three Mountains Baronial Holdings Use Listing and Agreement
Responsible Party:
Date Checked Out: Agreed Return Date:
Out In # Item Description Storage Location Fee (if any)
By signing this inventory the Responsible Party listed above agrees to the following:
1. The list above is accurate and complete for all items removed from storage.
2. All items will be returned to storage by the return date, clean, in good repair and packed properly.
3. All maintenance fees due will be paid to the “Barony of Three Mountains” within 30 days of return.
4. Any missing, damaged or broken items will be repaired or replaced by the Responsible Party.*
* Does not apply to Three Mountains Event Stewards
Responsible Party:      
Signature Date
3M Chamberlain:      
Signature Date



Item Maintenance Fees
Culinary Supplies Greater of $50.00 or $0.25/Attendee (Feast); 5% of gross sales (Vendor)
Archery Equipment $50.00/Weekend
Table Linens $10.00/Weekend
Pavilion (Papa Bear) $50.00/Weekend
Dayshade (Mama Bear) $20.00/Weekend
Waterbearing Supplies $10.00/Weekend
Radios $10.00/Weekend
Gate Supplies $10.00/Weekend
Directional Signs $10.00/Weekend
Eric Ropes & Stakes $20.00/Weekend
Décor $25.00/Weekend + Disposables Costs