Seneschal Report – July 2016

  • I have drawn up a basic rental agreement and a schedule of fees for the upkeep of our property and to help defer the costs of storage.  (See attached pages)  I would like to publish these as addendums and changes to our Customary.  Discussion will be open on this subject during the July and August Councils, with a final brief discussion and vote happening at the September council.  Please feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions or comments at Seneschal [AT]
  • I have contacted the seneschals of DM and SG about possibly purchasing the Costco garages/boxes from us. However their Councils are earlier in the month, so I won’t have any answers until our August council.
  • 2nd quarter 2016 Kingdom reports (covering April – June 2016) are due on August 1st. PLEASE get them in on time and please be sure to copy the Coronet and myself when you do send them.
  • There was a significant discussion on Demos, NMR, and the definitions of participant and event at the Seneschals meeting at July Coronation.  However, the notes have not been published and I want to ensure that I understand the changes completely before I disseminate them. I hope to do so in next month’s report.

Thank you,

Selene Trioros, OP