Seneschal Report – January 2018


Greetings to their Excellences, baronial officers, and populace of Three Mountains.
I hope that the New Year is treating you well.

I only have a couple things to go over:

  • I wanted to thank Kattera Giese, Duke Amalric Blackhart, Mvyhwe , Kira Burrows, Stephanie MacLeod, and Elizabeth Phipps for making the Odsesey school demo a success. It was a good time fulfilling the educational part of the SCA’s mission, and I hope that we get to hold another one for them in the future.
  • We still have a no cost weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at Tracker’s Earth that needs an event. If you have an event that you wanted to hold, we need to get a hold of them soon to lock in the dates.
    Thank you for your kind attention,

Lord Gerard de Bayonne
Barony of Three Mountains