Search for the next Baron & Baroness

To The populace of The Barony of Three Mountains,

As much as we hate to see them go, the reign of Sebastiaen and Erika is entering the final year and they do not plan on a second term. However this provides an opportunity for YOU to step up to lead the Barony of Three Mountains.

Aside from the duties, being Baron and Baroness can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling. (Although this refers to Baron and Baroness there could be a Baron and Baron or a Baroness and Baroness.)


Based on Kingdom Law the likely time frame for selecting the new B&B is as follows:

The winner of May Crown 2018 (stepping up at September Crown 2018) should be the Crown to oversee the changeover. After September Crown 2018 the format/plan for the changeover needs to be approved by the Crown. Sometime in October candidate applications are due, followed by the polling in November and the announcement in December.

The plan is to have the changeover at 12th Night 2019 in Three Mountains.

Baron and Baroness Job Description
1- Represent the Crown. Lead the Medieval aspects of the Barony, act as the Crown’s and Society’s representatives to advise while sitting in council. Honor and respect the Customary of Three Mountains as the will of its people, as well as Kingdom Law and Corpora.
2- Endeavor to recognize worthy members of the Populace. Acknowledge that the Populace of Three Mountains encompasses more than those attending Council. Recommend to the Crown those Gentles worthy of Kingdom recognition.
3- Encourage and act as patron to the myriad of Baronial activities that are currently happening and will happen in the future. Variety is the spice of life.
4- We realize that each of you have your own ideas about what a Baron and Baroness are and should be. You cannot be everything to everybody, however you should solicit opinions and ideas from the populace and pledge to listen and weigh them, incorporating as many good ideas as possible and discussing the why’s of such decisions.
5. Acting as the People’s Representative and Personification of the Barony of Three Mountains to the Crown. While Three Mountains is truly made up of all her people, the Crown will see the Barony reflected in the persons of its Baron and Baroness.

From the 2017 version of the Baronial Customary

2) The Baronial Coronet (Baron and/or Baroness) is the direct and appointed representative of the Crown. Duties and Responsibilities of the Coronet include, but are not limited to: A) Follow all duties as outlined in Section III.1 B) Serving as the ceremonial Head of State for the Barony, including, but not limited to, hosting visiting Royalty, conducting such Courts as are necessary for presenting awards, prizes, recognition, honors and memberships in the Orders of the Barony, also presenting Awards, Orders, etc. delegated to them by the Crown, and providing pomp and ceremony to Baronial events. C) Supporting local SCA organizations and groups. D) Attending Baronial Council meetings frequently. E) Reporting to Their Majesties as required by Kingdom Law. F) Performing any other duties mandated by Governing Documents, Kingdom Law, or Their Majesties’ decrees or commands. G) Sitting as a member of the Council of the Exchequer. H) Sitting as a member of the Budget Committee. I) Ensure the “Proclamation Banning the Clan of Some” is proclaimed annually, preferably at the Baronial Champions Tournament.

From 2017 AnTir Kingdom Law

b) The Territorial Baron and Baroness shall: xiv) Fulfill their duties as outlined in Corpora. xv) Execute the lawful commands of the Crown and abide by Kingdom law. xvi) Be, for the people of the Barony, the chief examples of chivalry, courtesy, and virtue; and encourage those virtues in their populace. xvii) Represent the Crown to the people of the Barony in the Crown’s absence. xviii) Represent the Barony to the Crown and at meetings of the Noble Estate. xix) Have the prerogative to establish and make awards specific to the Barony to acknowledge skill, service and other merits. xx) Bestow and administer the rank of Sergeant-at-Arms (or its equivalent) for their Barony, if they so choose. xxi) Receive copies of reports from baronial officers. xxii) Support the officers of the Barony. xxiii) Provide input on replacements to the Crown and Kingdom officers when such need arises. xxiv) Be members of the financial committee, with one vote total. xxv) Maintain membership in the Society and have access to The Crier at their place of residence. xxvi) Give written reports on the state of their Barony. (2) Baronies outside of Principalities: At least one month prior to each Coronation, the Baron and/or Baroness shall give a written report on the state of their Barony to the Royal Heirs. A copy of this report shall be given to the Crown and the Royal Heirs. c) Baronial Term Limits: xxvii) Landed Barons and Baronesses shall be limited to two consecutive terms of three years. xxviii) An opinion poll shall be performed at the end of three years to evaluate the relationship between the Baronial Coronets and their populace. This poll shall be similar to the selection polling but without the addition of candidates.

If you have questions feel free to ask Sebastiaen and Erika or any of the former Barons and Baronesses.

In Service, Jill Blackhorse OP
Baroness to the Court of AnTir
Arts and Science Champion for the Barony of Three Mountains