The Sergeantry of Three Mountains are people that have volunteered to prove their ability in a series of trials or tests.  These trials are designed to help the candidates improve their knowledge of their chosen specialty/category, and to increase their knowledge of various aspects of history.  Members of the Sergeantry are recognized as ambassadors of the Barony.  They work with the current Baronial Champions to help foster the skills and ideals of their chosen area of study.

There are several different categories of the Sergeancy (click on the Sergeant category to see the current members):

Sergeantry Candidates, whose main concerns are the equestrian arts and sciences.
, whose main concern is armoured combat.
Yeomen, whose main concern is archery.
Gallants, whose main concern is fence.
Courtiers, whose main concerns are Arts and Sciences, and/or Service.
Lancers, whose main concerns are the equestrian arts and sciences.
Sergeancy Emeriti, is the host of former members of the Sergeancy upon who has been bestowed the Honor of Sergeancy Emeritus.  Emeritus status is given to Sergeantry who wish to retire in good grace past their original term of service, or those that are elevated to the Peerage (subject to their wishes)

Duties of the members of the Sergeantry may include but are not limited to attending the Baron or Baroness, as appropriate, in court and procession. Advising the Baronial Coronet in matters of peace and war.  Encouraging others in the practice of their chosen area of expertise.  Assisting the Baron or Baroness, as appropriate, in areas of Baronial Affairs and serving as retinue for visiting nobility.

If you would like to find out more about joining the Sergeantry, or find a discrepancy in any of the lists contained in the links above, contact the Baron and Baroness by email