NyoutAlso called Yut

Players | 2


  • Game board
  • 4 casting sticks (one side light the other side dark)
  • 8 playing pieces (horses) – 4 each of two different colors

The Goal

Get all four of your horses to the finish first

Starting the game

  1. Each player throws the casting sticks – the person who throws the highest number goes first.
  2. The first player places a piece on start (the red dot on the circle), throws the casting sticks and moves the horse as many places as they threw
  3. The second player can then place a horse on start, throw the casting sticks and move.
  4. Game play alternates between players until one player gets all four of their horses to the finish.
1 light side faced up do move 1 space
2 light sides faced up gae move 2 spaces
3 light sides faced up geol move 3 spaces
4 light sides faced up yut move 4 spaces
4 black sides faced up mo move 5 spaces


  • Horses always start a move going clockwise.
  • Each circle space (including the start) counts as a move of one.
  • If a player ends their move with a horse on a big circle on the board, on their next turn, they can use the dots on the inside and take a shortcut to get to the finish. Using short cuts is not required.
  • If a horse taking a shortcut through the circle ends up on the opposite side of the circle with movement still to do, the horse must run counter-clockwise and finish out its movement.
  • If a player lands on a circle that an opponent’s horse is on they get “kicked” off that square and have to begin from start again
  • If a player lands on a circle that one other of their own horses is on they can join them together a move them as one piece – but if they get kicked off a square both of your pieces have to go back to the start.


  • The finish is the large circle next to the start circle
  • An exact throw is not required to bear a horse off the board. If a horse is borne off, with movement left, the extra movement is lost.

Additional Rules

  • If yut or mo is thrown, the player gets an additional throw and move
  • If a player kicks one of their opponents horses off the board, they get one additional move (regardless of how many horses were kicked during their move)
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