Nine Man Morris

NineManMorrisPlayers | 2


  • 18 markers (9 each of two colors)
  • Playing board

The Basics

The goal of this game is to remove all but two of your opponents’ markers from the board

Placing the markers

Each player has 9 markers. Players alternate placing the markers on unused points on the board.


After the last marker is placed on the board players alternate moving markers on the board. Markers are moved one unoccupied point along the line (markers can’t jump each other or replace a marker already placed).

Note: Some boards have diagonal lines, some do not. You can only move pieces or form a mill on a line drawn on the board. If there are no diagonal lines, no diagonal mills can be formed.

Getting rid of your opponents’ pieces…

By getting three of your pieces in a straight line (called a “mill”) you can move any one of your opponents’ pieces to the bushel or pound (the center square of the board). There is no way for a marker to escape the pound. A mill only exists for one turn – at least one marker has to be moved to form a new mill before you can remove another one of your opponents’ markers.

For a more difficult game, 2 markers must be moved before a mill can be re-formed. Both styles are period.

Agree with your opponent on which rule you will use before the game starts.

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