New Year Greetings 2018 – A Letter From The Baron & Baroness

We bid greetings to the people and friends of the Barony of Three Mountains,

As another year begins in our glorious lands, we hope that your holiday season was full of happiness and fun and that the coming year will be filled with joy in abundance.3M-web-header

We want to take a moment and express our pride and love for the people of our Barony and all who support it. In 2017, we watched someone of our lands show poise and prowess in Crown tournament to receive the Honor of the Silver Rose, and another recognized to join the flock of Pelicans already in our midst. These were amazing events with heroes who walk among us. People who help to inspire all of us to service, honor, prowess, and grace. Let us also not forget those who give of themselves every day, even in the face of adversity, to their Kingdom, our Barony, and to their fellow citizens. We have received such gifts of their time and art that can never be repaid! Our fellow citizens gladden our hearts and give us hope for the future of our Society.

lang-GT-17We have gained so much this last year. Guests have traveled from all over the Known World for knowledge and fellowship from Sport of Kings to Kingdom Scribe and Heralds Symposium. We saw the beginning of our Tri-Baronial Archery & Thrown Weapons Champions competitions. And we acquired many ‘new-to-us’ citizens from other lands whom are fast becoming part of our Baronial family.

We have also known sorrow in our losses of those close to us; all heroes in their own right for fighting through the end no matter the cost to themselves. We love and miss them. Our hope is that we all can find the same courage in our own lives, daily.

Through it all, the Barony of Three Mountains is truly blessed by her people and riches in all forms. We are proud to be your Baron & Baroness and count ourselves lucky to able to be of service. Thank you.

We only have one more year to serve as the voice of the Crown in Three Mountains. Mistress Jill Blackhorse, Arts & Science Champion of Three Mountains, will soon be publishing a letter about the process to look for our successors and we encourage you to read it and consider engaging in the process.courtfromtalbotspov

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to get involved if you haven’t already. We have a new demo coordinator, exchequer and seneschal. Please consider becoming a deputy to an officer or help to plan a weekend demo. Start a conversation with an officer about running an event for the Barony! We believe that the SCA will only survive when people donate their time to the business of the Society, and additionally when we excite others to join in and inspire them to create their place in history’s great storyline. Come to a Baronial council meeting and be a part of the conversation that keeps us going and develops new ideas to keep having events and to show people how much fun history can be.

We wish you good health, worthy challenges, and joy in 2018. Happy new year!

Yours In Service To The Dream

Sebastiaen & Erika
Baron and Baroness, Three Mountains