Letter from the Coronet – January 2018

Greetings to officers and populace of the Barony of Three Mountains,

We have just come back from 12th Night where we got to witness our very own Baroness Kateline be made Herald Extraordinaire, joining only 7 others in the kingdom with this recognition.

In case you haven’t seen the New Year letter that was posted on the Baronial Webpage, we will be stepping down at the end of this 3 year term at 12th Night 2019. We would like to take this opportunity to invite any and all who are interested in stepping up to become Baron or Baroness to come talk to us. We are more than willing to answer questions about the process and the position.

For those that were unaware NewCon PDX was cancelled, so unfortunately, we did not get to have that exposure this year. It is our hope that we will find other Cons that we can participate in this year to replace it.

Our current progress:

  • Ursulmas (His Excellency), January 26th
  • Founding Revel in Stromgard, February 24th

Yours in Service,

Sebastiaen & Erika
Baron & Baroness Three Mountains