Letter from the Coronet – February 2017

Good evening noble Citizens and Officers ,


This last month has kept us quite busy. We did attend Ursulmas where His Excellency Sebastiaen competed in the tournament and enjoyed himself immensely. Ask him about using a different kind of shield in the tournament.


We were honored to have the Sergeancy in our home in the last month having another meeting. Please note that we do have a new Courtier Candidate, Sitti (mka Misty Pearson). After consulting with Peers of the Barony and members of the Sergeancy, we have opted to allow Kattera Giese to continue her candidacy. Please feel welcome to speak to us about their progress.


We had a wonderful turnout at Baron’s Night Out this last Saturday which included Baron Ivan and Baron Finn. At the end of the night, we had about 25 people show up and from all reports everyone had a good time. There is talk of a possible Baroness’ Day out and we will let you know of the details as we decide on them.


We would like to request an Orders meeting very soon, so that we can all get together before the major eventing season starts, to get the input of each of the orders. Please come talk to us if you are interested in running this very low-key event. His Excellency stewarded an Orders meeting and can give you all the details of what it takes. We do not need to do a Customary Review at this time, so it would just be the Orders.


Our current progress includes:

Stromgard’s Founding Revel 2/25/17


Yours In Service,

Sebastiaen & Erika

Baron & Baroness of Three Mountains