Knight Marshal Report – October 2017

Good Evening all,

I Gustaf Von Beohmer, Marshall of the Canton of Kaldorness have this to report.

We here in the Canton put on a Demo at the Columbia City Celebration and our SCA friends and Canton turnout was great.

The facilitators of the Columbia City Celebration have asked us to join them again next year and would like to make us one of the center pieces of the entertainment for this day event for the public.

As soon as we have a verified day of the Celebration we will let you all know. Thank you to all who came and helped us with this endeavor.

We al;so have a few new fighters that during these winter months will be crafting their armor to prepare for the fighting season to begin. I hope to find a few weekends to both have an armor crafting and practice as weather permits.

Gustaf Von Beohmer, Marshal of Kaldorness
a.k.a Rob Bahmer