Kaldorness Seneschal Report – November 2017


Greetings to Their Excellencies, Officers and Populace of Three Mountains,

Kaldorness held their October meeting at the Scappoose Fred Meyer Deli. Unfortunately I was down with a severe cold and was not able to make it. Thank you to Alexandria for running the meeting in my absence.

It was announced that Grand Thing was cancelled for 2018. It was suggested to possibly attend Egils next year in lieu of Grand Thing.

Our exchequer is still having issues using the kingdom form. Suggestions were given to help with this issue.

A small discussion regarding next years A&S weekend was had. This will continue to be discussed in next meeting.

There was also a discussion on future fight practices and armor making nights.

The rest of the meeting was spent finalizing plans for Honor Feast last week.

Thank you all for who attending the feast and joined in this event!

Our next meeting is on November 28 at the home of Aedan and Alexandria. Please join us if you are able!

In Service,

HL Talia Soranzo da Chioggia
Per pale gules and sable, a winged sea-unicorn and in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or
SeneschalCanton Kaldor Ness
Student of Baroness Alexandria DK
Courtier of Barony of Three Mountains
Kingdom of An Tir