Kaldorness Seneschal Report – January 2018


Greetings to Their Excellencies, Officers and Populace of Three Mountains,

We had our last meeting in November at Guildor Farm. We discussed when we are too schedule our A&W weekend. It has been decided on having the next A&S event on August 10 – 12, 2018. I put in a DRF to get the dates reserved and Gustav has agreed to be the event steward.

Movement to move to baronial status has stalled to mundane life events. Baroness Alexandria has agreed to review what has been done so that we can continue in the new year.

We then talked about the 2018 Honor Feast and what Muireann would like to see happen for the event and where she would like to have it. Many wonderful ideas have been proposed and all are excited about the next Honor Feast.

The December meeting was cancelled and instead all agreed to getting together at Klondike Restaurant for a holiday meal! All had fund we all enjoyed the gathering.

Next meeting is January 23 at the home of Gustav and Mornita. All are welcome to attend!

In Service,

HL Talia Soranzo da Chioggia
Per pale gules and sable, a winged sea-unicorn and in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or
SeneschalCanton Kaldor Ness
Student of Baroness Alexandria DK
Courtier of Barony of Three Mountains
Kingdom of An Tir