KaldorNess Senechal Report – September 2017


Greetings to Their Excellencies, Officers and Populace of Three Mountains,

Kaldorness held their August meeting at the Scappoose Public Library. We welcomed Cat to the group. Her and her family are new to the SCA and area. She is a costumer, and is excited in joining the fun.

We briefly talked about the A&S weekend. Due to the activities during August we are not quite ready to close the books on the event and plan on wrapping up this event at the September meeting. Murna then thanked everyone who helped her with the food prep and serving of the revel food at Sport of Kings.

We got an update on Honor Feast from the cooking staff and things are coming along nicely. Food will be focused on Italian and Filipino cuisine. We then reviewed the next work dates for decor for the event, where we need additional help and who is in charge of areas for the event.

We then what we needed to do for the upcoming September 16th demo in Columbia City. The demo was held last weekend out in Columbia City. We had a fair number of people stop by and check out the displays and to watch the fighting. The town was so happy for us to join them in their celebration they are already asking us to return next year! Special thanks to Shire of Rivers Bend for lending us their eric stakes and flagging and for joining us in the fun. Also thank you to all those who traveled out to our neck of the woods from Stromgard and Three Mountains to join us in the demo!

Our next meeting is on September 26 and we are planning on having it at Veteran’s Park in Scappoose if the weather is good. If it is not, we have a back up plan to have the meeting at Marshall Farm. Please check the FB page/group for any changes.

In Service,

HL Talia Soranzo da Chioggia
Per pale gules and sable, a winged sea-unicorn and in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or
SeneschalCanton Kaldor Ness
Student of Baroness Alexandria DK
Courtier of Barony of Three Mountains
Kingdom of An Tir