KaldorNess Senechal Report – October 2017


Greetings to Their Excellencies, Officers and Populace of Three Mountains,

Kaldorness held their September meeting at the Scappoose Public Library.

We briefly talked about the updates to our customary. No one has any additional changes and we should be ready to put out on the website soon.

We then discussed the A&S weekend. We still have a couple of outstanding items, but we are hoping to close out on the event by the October meeting. We also discussed a date for the A&s weekend new and will be sending a DRF to reserve the date for next year. We are planning are holding the next A&S weekend of August 11.

We got an update on Honor Feast. Food plans are coming along. We have also secured a couple of pigs that will be part of the main feast. Currently it looks like we will be getting the keys for the site on Friday so that we can set up early. We will know when we get closer to the event. We look forward to all who will be attending this grand feast!

Our next meeting is on October 24 and we will be meeting at the dining area of the Scappoose Fred Meyers. Please join us if you are able!

In Service,

HL Talia Soranzo da Chioggia
Per pale gules and sable, a winged sea-unicorn and in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or
SeneschalCanton Kaldor Ness
Student of Baroness Alexandria DK
Courtier of Barony of Three Mountains
Kingdom of An Tir