Kaldorness Chancellery of the Exchequer – November 2017

Greetings and Salutations,

Hail from a little ways out there. We are pleased to be welcoming a great feast of honor to lands dear to us. For a player dear to us all. Lady Talia Soranzo da Chioggia will be presented with this years Honor Feast. We hope all who know her will attend. It will be this coming weekend 11, November, at the Columbia County Fair Grounds in the Great Pavilion. Please come join us. Rumor has it HL Mirninn is putting together a grand list of fare for us to dine upon. Joining her will be myself, to add to the dining pleasures of the guests and of course Lady Talia. So come one, come all. Join us as we play and Feast to the great honor of Lady Talia Soranzo da Chioggia.

This leads me to the topic of our Canton. Our holding are as I report, this month we show a small increase. $3231.93. We are working out a couple of slights, that intend to resolve on Saturday. Our quarter report is in. I have sent to Kingdom my Request for Warent for the office of Exchequer once again. So I will be continuing in this Office for 2 more years.

May your travels where ever they lead you be filled with Joy and Blessings

Ora Baethen
Exchequer Canton of Kaldor Ness
Student to HL. Murninn
Yeoman Three Mountains