KaldorNess A&S Report – September 2017

Hi Y’all (he said, still sounding much like Gomer Pyle),

WOOOEEEEE it’s been Ho-oot!  I wuz shore glad to git  a bit o’ rain yestiddy!  Stuff’s been purty quiet on the A&S front, but the Canton had a demo at the Columbia City Days event last weekend and wowed some folks with some illuminated scrolls, hand made armor and other handcrafts that we showed around.  Mighta got some folks interested in coming out to play even!
Since th’ weather’s cooling down, the Open Woodshop at Hugh & Muireann’s is gonna start up again Friday, October 6.  I’ll open doors at 5:30 and plan on being available ’til the last dawg dies.  C’mon down an’ work on yer pet project or start a new one.  Whether it’s finishing up that bow you started years ago or finally starting that fancy garb box you’ve always wanted for your encampment the shop’ll be open.  Bring yer own band-aids :)  The tools are SHARP!  Effen ya have stuff o’ yer own that needs sharpening up, brung ’em out an’ we kin do that, too.
The Decor Group will be meetin’ on September 24 an’ October 1st  an’ October 22nd at 52379 SW 3rd St, Scappoose (that’s Rob ‘n Marnita’s house.  C’mon out effen’ ya wants ta get paint on stuff.
Yers in Servus (that’s fancy talk!)
Gomer (Hugh)