Honor Feast Event Proposal – 2018

Good Morrow 3M council, Coronets, and Officers:

On behalf of the team working on organizing Honor Feast 2018, I will be presenting a Date Res Form to the seneschal for Sept 29 for this years Honor Feast and Arts Championship. I will sketch out the proposal as we have it right now to seek council approval to go forward. Proposal will cover the event bid numbers, location, Event Steward and, if approved, we will present greater details next month.

Thank you. Alexandria

Tentative Proposal for Honor Feast and Arts Championship for 3M 2018

Date Sept 29, 2018
Location: Columbia County Fairgrounds Pavillion

Event Steward: Chingis (James Sayer)
Supervising Steward: Alexandria DK

Proposal: Join the Irish Sidhe for a day of Arts Competition and Classes, and a silent auction with an evening of frolicking under the hill and far away in the land of faery (a la Shakespeare’s tradition) as we enjoy A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Proposal Numbers:
$ 700 site charge
$ 1,400 Deposit (1200 80% returnable) $1120 returnable
$ 700 food
$ 50 decor and printing
$ 2850

Est income
$ 1,600 site fee (80 adults at $20)
$ 1,120 deposit returned
$ 200 silent auction

Laura McCoy
Alexandria DK
on behalf of Chingis James Sayer