Herald Report – September 2017

Greetings all,

Congratulations to Laurence of Damascus on joining the Order of the Mountain Sun,
and to Michael Sinclair & Eden Celeste on their Golden Torc’s.
All awards have been reported to Dexter Gauntlet.

Honor Feast is up next, voices for Court would be appreciated.

The banners were up at Sport of Kings, I hope everyone had a chance to admire them.
I have turned in all my receipts for banners, tabards & poles to the Exchequer.
There is one extra receipt for $30 that I request be reimbursed to HE Sebastiaen.
Due to her family circumstances, we didn’t ask Appoline to print the drawings for the standards, and he did them at a local vendor.

I have accomplished most of my goals – the OP is now up to date, the new tabards are coming along and the banners are completed.
I’ve had a few new voices step forward (love to see more of you!) and will plan on training any who ask at the events over the winter.

I have been the Barony’s herald (this time around) for a year next month and it’s time to look for a successor.
Remember that it is not necessary to be a voice or book herald to do this job. It’s really about making sure those things happen,
keeping the OP updated and getting reports to Barony and Kingdom. There are many fine voice and book heralds ready to assist you.

In service,