Herald Report – January 2018

Greetings all,

All awards from Yule feast have been added to the OP.
(Thank you to the new Dexter Herald, Baroness Ana!)
Please check your own listing before tournament season gets started.
The OP is the record that places combatants in order for the processional.

Reminder that I am looking for a successor to the office.
Admin skills are required, heralds of all disciplines are available for actual duties.

The heraldic title of “Mountains Pursuivant” is borne by the person who is the Barony’s current branch herald.
The holder is addressed as “Lord Mountains” or “Lady Mountains”. Careful here, as the address of “Lord Three Mountains” would refer to His Excellency, Sebastiaen.
Pursuivant is a lesser rank than Herald, herald refers to anyone working as a herald whether book, voice or protocol. Would you like to know more? The more heralds the better. Always room for one (or a dozen) more.

Kateline, Mountains Pursuivant