Herald Report – January 2017

Greetings all,

Received the office inventory in good condition.
Working on the new tabards and designs for the new banners.

OP has been updated.  Several errors found and corrected.
Current and past Coronet are complete – checking Jill & Alfric now.
Some of their awards were lost in computer crash, please check your own OP listing for completeness.

Sargentry badge received by Lion’s Blood and moving through the process.
Need a check for submission of badge for Aegis Honoris.
We have received “Permission to Conflict” from the lady who has “Or, a Gorgon’s head” registered.

Awards given at Yule Feast:

Mountains Pride – Jora Kottr
Youth Champion – Arturus van Wilfen
Myrtle Leaf – Muireann
Culinaria Ingenium- Ora Breathean
Golden Torc – Hannah Tobias

Dated at Honor Feast but presented at Yule:

Mountain Sun – Tullia Saturnina

Kingdom Awards presented by Their Excellencies:

Award of Arms – Theodore of the Summits (not in OP)
Jambe de Lion – Tullia Saturnina

In service,

Mountains Pursuivant