Herald Report – February 2017

Greetings all,

Working on the new tabards and designs for the new banners.

Still checking on Jill & Alfric‘s awards.
Some of their awards were lost in computer crash; please check your own OP listing for completeness.

Sergeantry badge is moving through the submission process.
Need a check for submission of badge for Aegis Honoris.
Would like approval for submission fees of $50 for the other Baronial Awards

Their Majesties have decreed that all fighters in May Crown AND their consorts shall have registered names and devices (or in submission) in order to compete. There is an exception for first time entrants however they must have registration in process before Coronation. Marya has been arranging for consult tables at multiple events. Suggest that you get started now, and pre register in the list.

In service,
Mountains Pursuivant