Gerard de Bayonne – Seneschal Letter of Intent 2017

A letter of intent has come to us from a citizen of Three Mountains, Gerard de Bayonne (Clinton Johnson).  Please come to Baronial Council on Tuesday April 18th, 2017 to discuss this candidate, and any others who submit a letter.

To their Excellencies Sebastiaen and Erika,

Mistress Selene, Officers both greater and lesser, and the good populace of Three Mountains

I give greetings,

I am Lord Gerard de Bayonne, squire to Sir Amalric Blackhart, former Knight Marshal of your neighboring Barony Dragons Mist and first champion of the fine people who reside within her borders.

I write to tell you that I want to step forward as a candidate for the office of Three Mountains Seneschal. I believe that I will make a fine seneschal based on the following:

  • I held a greater office for 2 years AS 47 – 49 (2013-2015) in Dragons Mist. During that time I introduced the notion of utilizing the Marshallate budget to promote recruitment by way of making funds available for loaner gear for new fighters.
  • During my tenure at PCC Sylvania, I was the President of the Student Business Association, a club on campus that was geared toward business students. This gave me valuable experience running meetings, assigning tasks to my officers, filling in where needed when an officer need assistance, and handling interpersonal problems amongst club members.
  • I have a deep love for this organization that has been cultivated during my 28 years of involvement. I view this office a serious trust, and will treat it with gravity and humor it requires.

My immediate goals include a focus on:

  • Filling vacant offices.
  • Supporting efforts to recruit new members.
  • Supporting activities to retain the members we gain through those efforts.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Lord Gerard de Bayonne
Barony of Three Mountains
Kingdom of An Tir