Festa Onora (Honor Feast) Event Report – September 2017 Edition

​Greetings to all:
Two month and counting!    Honor Feast and A&S Championship is closing in soon.
This month, I paid the down payment for the site and will be setting up a daytime visit this month for any who need it (Pavilion at Columbia County Fairgrounds—)  I will be asking for the remaining  money to reserve the site plus money for the feast supplies at council tonight.
I have also locked in a few more spots on the staff and walked through the feast at a high level with the feast steward staff.  We will be having a lunch and a dinner only (not meals all day)​ but I think you will all be happy with the surprises and delights in store.
Tentative schedule is coming together as we speak so if you expect time for something at the event please make sure i know that!
Still need to confirm A&S Competition details and that will be forthcoming as soon as i can connect with our A&S Champion.  Will also be checking with Court Coordinator  this week on Court needs.
I am still looking for classes for the day and items for the silent acuction….please email or facebook me if you are thinking that you would like to offer,  show or teach something and we will talk.
Remember you have to participate at this event….entertain us, teach us, feed us, or be of direct service…..what will you contribute…?  Venice is a stern mistress and she demands tribute….wink.  Also there will be an ability to present the Coronets with your “Taxes” at this event in a fun manner if you so choose.
Let the games begin!
Alexandria DK