Exchequer Report – Canton of Kaldor Ness – March 2017 Report

o_excheqGreetings and Salutations,

The Winter winds have taken ahold of our lands, keeping the tendrils of frost and snow to our fair highlands, and the frigid rains to our low lands. The season is long, the days seem shorter, the night skys filled with clouds that assure the coming year harvests.
Yet we tinker on. We await the coming tournament season, the reveling, and the joy of our game.
Those from a little bit out there, the fine folk of Kaldor Ness do send warming wishes to our friends and families of Three Mountains.
We also send word of our keeps holdings. As of 28, February 2017 we hold no increase nor decrease to our meager horde of $2401.93. Though we look onto the near future to grow our tidy sum, it remains.

Ora Baethen
Exchequer Canton of Kaldor Ness
Student to HL Murninn
Yeoman Three Mountains