Event Proposal for Rivers Region Archery and Thrown Weapons Championships

Dates: June 23 – 25, 2017 Level 1, DRF submitted

Location:Trackers Earth Camp at Roslyn Park
41515 S.E. Thomas Road, Sandy, OR 97055-8534

Nature:Baronial Championships for Archery and Thrown Weapons for Three Mountains; and
Dragons Mist Archery and Thrown Weapons Championship; also
Stromgard’s StormHunter Championship (combination archery & thrown weapons).

Steward:Dana Chathair Saibhin (“Spritzie”) mka: Dayna M. Kirkpatrick

Deputy:Kettera Geise (Carina Lawson-Williams)

Gate: TBA

MIC: Master Andrew Stiubhard, OP, OGGS (Eric Malain)

Contact: Dayna M. Kirkpatrick, consortiailluminae@comcast.net (206) 930-9889


Site Rental                       $100
Biffies, Basic                                    150
2 extra pumps @ $200                    400
Insurance certificate                          50 (needed before end of April)
U-Haul Rental                                  300 (guesstimate)
Hay ($2 per bale, incl. del. Susan)    30 (how many bales?)
Spray Chalk, Flags, Tape, Stakes ?  50
Prizes: Marshall will build boxes*      120 (for all 6, we only need 2)
Gate, Biffie & WB supplies                 60
Eventual reimb 4 prizes              –      80
Net costs                                     $1,180

Guesstimated attendees         Total    75
Guesstimated comps                          10
Weekend Site Fee                            $20
Guesstimated Gate                      $1,300

(*Ask M. Eleanor if she would be so kind as to paint something awesome on them.)