Dreidel-1Players | 2 or more


  • Dreidel
  • 10 markers for each person

The Basics

The goal of the game is to accumulate as many markers as possible.

Ante Up

Before the game starts each player puts one marker into the pot. When the pot is reduced to less than two markers; all players add one marker to the pot.


Each player spins the driedel and when it stops, the side that is up determines the players pay off. Players take turns spinning until one player has all the markers.

Symbol Name Action
Nun Dreidel Nun Nisht (nothing) Take nothing
Gimmel Dreidel Gimmel Gantz (all) Take all the markers in the pot
Hey Dreidel Hey Halb (half) Take half the markers in the pot
Shin Dreidel Shin Shtel (put in) Put two markers into the pot


In the second century BC during the time of the Macabees, Jews were forbidden to study the Torah. Playing the dreidel provided a cover for the Jews to gather and talk about the Torah. It became a tradition with many meanings that continues into the modern day.

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