DraughtsPlayers | 2


  • 24 markers (12 each of two colors)
  • Playing board

The Basics

The goal of the game is to capture or immobilize all of your opponents’ pieces. Think of modern checkers with modified rules.

Placing the markers

A dark square on the board should be in each player’s lower left corner. Each players’ 12 pieces are placed on the dark squares in the closest three rows of the board.


The pieces can only move on the dark squares of the board. Each piece can only move diagonally one space toward your opponents’ side per turn. See ‘Queen me’ below for the exception to this rule.

Getting rid of your opponents’ pieces

An opponent’s piece can be captured by jumping. If your opponents piece is in the next diagonal space from your piece and there is an empty space beyond that piece you can jump the opponents piece and remove it from the board. (Don’t confuse modern rules with these – in this version there are no mandatory jumps to capture an opponents pieces)

Queen Me

If a piece makes it to the row on the board closest to the opponent, it gets promoted. That piece has been crowned and can now move any number of spaces, any direction on the board (although it can still only move on the dark squares).

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