Demo Coordinator Report – January 2018

Demo Coordinator Report
January 2018

Unto Kettera Geise, Chatelaine of the Barony of Three Mountains, do I, Roana Aldinoch, Demo Coordinator, send greetings.

My report for the most recent month follows.

*Demo at NewCon cancelled due to the convention being cancelled. worked incredibly hard to make sure that there was a great line-up, but the convention was cancelled at the last minute. I’m going to ask him to assist me with the PSU and middle school demos on the horizon.

* Sgt. Thorvald Mac Conachie contacted me about a potential demo at a middle school. He will be passing my name along to the teacher requesting information as soon as he’s able.

* I’ve sent Rhiannon Whitlatch, the PSU student requesting a demo, an email and am hoping to make time to meet with her face-to-face to discuss her thoughts and our options within the coming week or two. I’ll let you know once she and I have made contact and come up with ideas.

* I am going over documentation for creating a Starlight Parade float during the Rose Festival. Given the extraordinary amount of planning involved in this endeavor, I’m looking for a committee of no fewer than 8 people to help work on this project. Deadline for the application is March 14, 2018, with a fee of $400, so the sooner we can create a committee and get started on design ideas and fundraising for the entry fee, the better. I’ll be contacting a few people directly to ask for assistance on both of these things, as well as opening the request up to those at the Baronial Council meeting, on Facebook, and via a Spread-the-Word campaign. Because of the time issues, we may have to push this back to 2019, but I have every hope that we will be able to complete the task for June 2018.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re ill, but hoping that you’ll be up and going soon! If there are other demo opportunities that I’m unaware of or that you feel deserves additional attention, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to your guidance.

In Service to Crown, Kingdom, and Barony, always.

Roana Aldinoch, OP
Demo Coordinator, Three Mountains