Council Meeting Minutes – January 2018

Baronial Council Report Jan 16, 2018

Letter from Coronet
Nov minutes ABC
Reports as posted with exceptions of:
Kaldorness Exchequer – no report
Family Activites – nothing to report
Kaldorness Marshal – no report
Minister of the List – no report
Baronial Armorer- no report
Web Minister- nothing to report
(Kaldorness has not had a meeting since their November reports were given)
Demo Coordinator asks that we consider the Starlight Parade/ marching or float? 3M or TriBaronies?$400 entrance fee – need to decide by March

Event Reports:
TriBaronial Yule – Ronan – cost to each Barony is $811.97
12th Night2019 – Selene – change in site fee to $25 caused revision in budget to our benefit, we should see a net gain of approx $4200 for the event. Will post hotel info soon
Research alternatives to U-Haul – they purge our info yearly and we have to start over for every Sport of Kings – info to Seneschal
Event Proposal – TriBat (attached)- they would like 3M to host – will need a supervising event steward – would like Vivien but haven’t been able to connect / Alexandria will Supervise if Vivien not available/ ABC Event Proposal – Honor Feast /Chingis Event Steward/ Alexandria Supervisor/Theme Mid Summer Nights Dream/ Columbia County Fairgrounds/budget $2900 including $1400 mostly refundable deposit/ break even is 80 @ $20 end of September is only open date on calendar/ requests $200 to hold the date and file DRF /ABC
Seneschal Gerard announces that he will probably be leaving Oregon in the next few weeks, and he is not able to continue as Seneschal. He appoints Mistress Roana Aldinoch as Interim Seneschal. Roana has prior experience as a Baronial Seneschal in a group that makes decisions by consensus. She asks for applications at the February/March meetings, applications published April and May with a new Seneschal chosen and installed by June. She WILL NOT continue in the position after the June Council meeting.

submitted by Kateline